Dr. Duong is the Best orthodontist.  Recommend highly.  Excellent bedside manners and he makes a point of knowing his patient. 
-Donna Hatton


Dr Duong and his staff is definitely worthy to comment and write about.  Not only does Dr Duong have and own his own practice, but he also still teaches as a professor at Columbia University in New York City.  With this said, he is certainly updated with the most recent and newest information and equipment in his industry.  One look at his beautiful office in Ridgewood, NJ and you already know that he has the latest gadgets.  I've never been to any office (ortho, doctor, dentist, optha, etc) that serves drinks, coffee, and has a Nintendo Wii for the kids.  The best waiting area I've ever sat in.
I'm not saying you shouldn't look around, meet and greet other Othrodontists around the area, but when I say that once you set foot and meet the staff at Preceision Orthodontics during your free consultation, you will definitely feel right at home and know you'll be taken care off once you choose them.
Thank you Dr Duong and staff for giving my straight smile for my wedding day!

-Glenn A.


It's the coolest doctor’s office I have ever been to. Definitely a fun place to be with the Wii's, TV's and colorful rooms.

--Tayler B.


Dr. D has made my treatment so much fun my mom thinks I'm weird. I'm very proud of showing off my braces. I take tons of pictures and make videos with them. I've even been crazy with using my rubber bands that they're all over the house.

--Jacqueline Jones


My son will not let just any dentist work on his mouth. But Dr. Duong has definitely changed that. Dr. Duong walked him through each step and made sure he understood and was at ease along the way. When my son is at ease, I'm at ease, thanks to Dr. Duong.

--M. Baratta


If you want a perfect smile Dr. Duong is the orthodontist you need to see!! I wore braces as an adult and was concerned about finding an orthodontist that would make it worth my time and money. He is extremely professional and explains each step of your treatment in a clear manner. It's not uncommon for someone to stop mid-conversation, look at me in amazement, and say that I have the straightest teeth they've ever seen or that my smile looks like it belongs on the red carpet. I'm so happy with my results that I can't stop smiling. I recommend Dr. Duong to anyone who is looking for an orthodontist!

--Kelly Latham


I had been going to an orthodontist that I was dissatisfied with for about a year before I was referred to Dr. Duong. After transferring to Dr. Duong, he put on new braces and I received compliments on how straight my teeth were even before I took my braces off! Dr. Duong is extremely gentle, and always makes sure that his patients are consistently aware of the progress of their treatment. I have never been more satisfied with my smile. There's no doubt in my mind that Dr. Duong is one of the BEST orthodontists out there!

--V. Nghi


Dr. Duong is by far one of the most talented and professional orthodontists I have ever come across. From day one, he made me feel at ease about my treatment. He paid special attention to detail and made sure I was always as comfortable as possible. I couldn't imagine I would end up with such stunning results. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for that perfect smile!!!

--Karolina Peranek


I followed Dr. Duong from another office to his own office in Ridgewood. I needed to have an amazing smile in time for my wedding and Dr. D made it happen! I'm the type of patient that asks a lot of questions and Dr. D was always thorough and answered them all. He gave me one of the best wedding presents, an amazing smile. Thanks Dr. D!

--L. Ferroni


My teenage daughters were not the best when it came to turning their expanders and wearing their rubber bands, but Dr. Duong was really patient and able to show them how quickly their treatment would progress when they did. They started to see the difference and now are on the right track to having beautiful smiles. I've even decided to join them and get braces too.

--Tara N.


I went to another orthodontist and he told me my son would have to wait to get treated at an older age and then have jaw surgery. Thank goodness, I went to Dr. Duong for a second opinion. He explained that there were other options and what could be done with surgery and without surgery. His knowledge of modern techniques gave us choices that we were happy & comfortable with and I can already see my son's results.

--Catherine De Dios


Thank you Dr. D for your time and patience during our visits. Your office is A and you're #1 on my list!

--A. Piro

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